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TRIP Program

What is Desert Road Trip?
A number of people living in the Palo Verde Valley area live outside the areas served by regular RidePV deviated fixed route service. Desert Road Trip is a service provided to make transportation available to those people. A volunteer driver provides an eligible rider with transportation and the rider provides compensation, paid by Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency, to the driver.

Who Can Join?
Desert RoadTRIP is available to seniors (60+), persons with disabilities and truly needy passengers living in Desert Center, southern Palo Verde Valley or resort communities along US Highway 95 who need access to basic services and who do not live near public transit.

How Does It Work?
Apply to be a rider by contacting the Office on Aging at (800) 510-2020 or RidePV at (760) 922-1140. You then complete the application screening over the telephone. Once you finished the phone screen you should identify a driver then start taking trips.

Driver Eligibility
Volunteer drivers are recruited by the rider and should supply the following information to the rider:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Auto liability insurance
  • DMV driver’s printout

Recruiting Drivers
To participate in the program, each rider identifies his or her own volunteer driver or drivers such as a friend, neighbor, etc. This could be anyone except a family member. Rides can be provided for any purpose: trips to the doctor, pharmacy, grocery store, bank, social service and recreational activities.

Desert Road TRIP will reimburse the rider for the mileage/trip traveled on a monthly basis. A rider can travel up to 460 miles per month. A family can travel up to 690 miles per month. The current reimbursement rate is 32 cents a mile, up to $147.20 a month. A $5.00 per one-way trip fee is charged to participants. It is up to the rider to provide the driver with the reimbursement process is easy:

Fill out, sign and submit the mileage/trip reimbursement form to: 6296 River Crest Drive Suite K Riverside, CA 92507. Desert RoadTRIP will issue the rider a check that can be picked up at: 415 N. Main Street Blythe, CA 92225 once the participant fee is paid. The rider reimburses the driver for the travel made.

Other Information
Desert RoadTRIP is a program that has limited funds. Protocols are in place to prevent fraudulent claims and trips. Please combine errands when using Desert RoadTRIP so you can save a trip for someone who truly needs it. For additional Senior or ADA resources in Riverside County, call the Office on Aging at (800) 510-2020.